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Dental Sedation

At Dr. Coopersmith, Dr. Bercovici & Associates Dental Centre in Montreal, our dentists are dedicated to helping patients feel as comfortable as possible. We offer dental a sedation option to calm anxious patients.

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Dental Sedation, Montreal Dentist

What is Dental Sedation?

We have a number of techniques at our disposal when it comes to helping patients feel more comfortable during dental procedures. If you find yourself significantly nervous before coming to the dentist, a dental sedation option may be for you. 

At Dr. Coopersmith, Dr. Bercovici & Associates Dental Centre, we do everything in our power to help patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their dental procedures. 

Along with offering a dental sedation option, we are committed to working at your pace, taking breaks when you need them, and providing calm reassurance as required. 

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia offers a controlled state of unconsciousness, which eliminates awareness, discomfort and movement while your dentist performs the procedure. Complex treatments can be completed within one appointment.

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