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Dental Appliances

At Dr. Coopersmith, Dr. Bercovici & Associates Dental Centre in Montreal, our dentists believe each patient is unique. We are committed to helping you find the right custom-fitted dental appliance for you.

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Dental Appliances, Montreal Dentist

What is a Dental Appliance?

We need to go beyond brushing and flossing to maintain good oral health. We also need to protect our our oral structures. Those of us who clench or grind our teeth at night, or play sports are at elevated risk for injuring our teeth.

Dental appliances can help preserve and protect our teeth and gums, and our overall physical health. 

At  Dr. Coopersmith, Dr. Bercovici & Associates Dental Centre, we offer dental appliances – including night guards and sports guards – to help improve and protect the health of your oral cavity.

Night Guards

If you clench or grind your teeth while you sleep (a condition referred to as bruxism), your dentist may recommend a night mouth guard to provide a buffer between your teeth. It can prevent contact and resulting damage. 

This common condition can harm both your upper and lower teeth, and you may notice your jaw becomes painful over time. 

If you wake up in the morning with painful jaws from TMJ Disorder or jaw clenching, a night guard may bring much-needed relief. This device can help protect your teeth while you sleep and ease symptoms of grinding. 

Your dentist can take impressions and fit you with a custom-made night guard to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. Welcome to a more restful night's sleep. 

Sports Guards

While sports provide a great physical outlet and are a time-tested method of staying fit and healthy, we also take on risk when engaging in any high-impact physical activity. 

At Dr. Coopersmith, Dr. Bercovici & Associates Dental Centre, we want you to enjoy your time on the field, rink or court without worrying about causing damage to or injuring your teeth or soft tissues.

This is why we recommend wearing a sports mouth guard while playing any sport that puts your teeth, jaw or mouth at risk of injury, such as cut gums or fractured teeth. 

A custom-made sports guard will fit your mouth snugly. It will act as a barrier between the soft tissues of your mouth and your teeth to protect yours smile – and your oral health.

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