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Bad Breath Preventions

At Our Dental Clinic a frequent question we are asked professionally is what to do about bad breath.

Sometimes it's the patient asking what they can do about it, sometimes they're asking about a friend, family member or even a co-worker.

What causes bad breath?

Often, bad breath is due to the build up of smelly bacteria which settles on the teeth, gums and tongue, tartar and stains on the teeth, above and below the gum-line that encourage the retention of plaque, an adhesive mixture of smelly bacteria and food.

Another important factor in bad breath is dry mouth and diet - for example, insufficient Vitamin C and antioxidants may contribute to bleeding gums.

The one place where most bacteria will hide and fester is between your teeth where your toothbrush and mouthwash cannot reach!

You must remove this bacteria. The problem is that most people find floss difficult and inconvenient so they refuse to floss. Try the easy to use PerioTwist or inter dental brushes or picks.

How can we help?

Our entire team is dedicated to to Prevent Gum Disease, Cavities, bad breath and the other serious illnesses caused by allowing bacterial plaque to accumulate in your mouth.