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Oral Cancer Detection

Breakthrough Cancer Screening Device

Oral cancer is one of the most common and serious cancers but early detection can significantly improve the prognosis and outcome. Every initial as well as recall examination that we perform includes a thorough head and neck cancer examination. We have and utilize the most modern and completely painless high intensity light diffraction scope which will detect abnormalities in the mouth even before they become cancerous.

It used to be that most patients who developed oral cancer were over 50 but the latest research has shown that greatest rise in cancer rates today is oral cancer in young adults who are infected with the HPV virus. If caught early, It can be completely cured. If neglected, it can cause misery and certain death.

Dr. Coopersmith will check your entire mouth, and throat at every checkup appointment for any evidence of pathology and has the latest VELSCOPE technology to evaluate suspicious lesions.