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Dr Allan Coopersmith


Dr. Allan Coopersmith graduated Suma Cum Laude from McGill University, in the Faculty of Science. He went on to graduate McGill School of Dentistry with Great Distinction in 1975 to earn his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree graduating first in his class over four years with the Thornton gold medal.

His post graduate training as a General Practice Resident at the Albert Einstein Medical Centre permitted him to attain his American National Board Certification and Northeast Regional Board Certification with a Massachusetts Dental License which is still active today and in 2014.

Dr. Allan Coopersmith was bestowed the honour by his peers with a fellowship in the American College of dentists.

Dr. Coopersmith currently practices General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Westmount Quebec, Canada.

Education Achievements

  • University Scholarship 1971-1972-1973-1974
  • McGill University B.Sc. 1973. Great Distinction
  • McGill University DDS 1975. Great Distinction
  • National Dental Examining Board of Canada. 1975
  • American National Board Exams. 1975
  • Northeast Regional Board Exams. 1978
  • Albert Einstein Medical Center-General Practice Resident 1976
  • Dr. Thornton Gold Medal - Highest Standing McGill Faculty of Dentistry throughout 4 years
  • Lecturer Faculty of Dentistry, Dept. of Restorative Dentistry, McGill University. 1976-2000
  • Fellow American College of Dentist.

Prizes and other Achievements

  • Alpha Omega Prize
  • Orthodontic Prize
  • Order of Dentists of Quebec
  • Canadian Dental Association
  • Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity
  • Fellow Academy of General Dentistry
  • Quebec Dental Surgeon's Association
  • Fellow Academy of Dentistry International
  • Founder-Dentists for Dentists Organization
  • Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario
  • Fellow of the International College of Dentists
  • Holder of numerous dental patents and trademarks
  • Federation of Dental Societies of Greater Montreal
  • Board of Dentistry-The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 1983- 2010
  • Fellow Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontists
  • Fellow of the American College of Dentists
  • Fellow of the International Academy of Dento-Facial Esthetics

Dr. Allan Coopersmith Ensconced in his Westmount Office

Dentist carries on family tradition in new Westmount digs Not too long ago, many people cringed at the idea of visiting their dentist. From the simple cleaning to the dreaded root canal, lying down in the dentist chair was not a date to look forward to. How things have changed!

Looking over Westmount with views to the east, north and west from the sixth floor on Victoria Avenue, patients having their teeth taken care are treated to the easy sound of classical jazz and a rewarding experience. After 33 years at the Decelles Medical building, now owned by St. Justine Hospital, Dr. Allan Coopersmith moved his practice to Westmount for a fresh start. I love working with my hands and I love the science," - he confessed.

Now, there are many dentists in Westmount, but COOPERSMITH passion for his work and his love for technology make his story unique and help explain why a visit to his office is like none other.

"In our family, health care is like a family way of life," said Coopersmith, whose twin brother and mother are physicians and his late father was, like him, a dentist.

His brother, Henry, is now the medical director at the Westmount Square Medical Clinic.

"When I was about four years old I found a dental drill under my pillow and my brother had a stethoscope," he joked. "It was just something that seemed natural."

A graduate of McGill University and a teacher of cosmetic dentistry there for 20 years, Coopersmith shared a hallway with his family, where they all practiced together until recently when they were forced to look elsewhere after their lease expired.

"It was the end of an era when they decided not to renew that lease," he said. "For me to leave that area... I was reluctant because I thought that my patients would not want to follow me if I went too far."

However, Coopersmith quickly found out after conducting a survey that his long-time patients were thrilled to follow him to Westmount. And after a year of planning and six months of renovations, he re-opened the doors to a life-long practice and in the process reinvigorated his love of dentistry. "I have a history here and hopefully a future", he said.

"What's impressive is what you don't see, that's what's behind the walls," he said of his ultra-modern office, adding he wanted to make it a Zen-like environment, but "the Westmount landscape speaks for itself... Every day you come in and it's something new, it's like a new picture on the wall."

But despite all the modern technology and incredible views at his disposal, he attributes the backbone to his successful career has been all about the people.

Angela Di Carlo still runs the show The customer service begins and ends with his secretary Angela Dicarlo, who he says "runs the show," has been with him for 16 to 19 years and knows every patient on a first-name basis. "She knows every patient by name without call display, we don't even need call display," he said laughing.

The one person Coopersmith wishes could see how well his practice has done and how much the profession has progressed in the past decade alone, is his late father, who inspired him to choose his profession and always urged hard work after working almost 50 years as a dentist.

"My late dad used to say when it came to exams he believed in 100 per cent luck, but then he said the more you studied the more luck you seemed to have," he said. "I wish he could come back just for a second and take a look over here... he was very innovative at the time and I guess some of that rubbed off on me."

The father of three admits that the medicine bug might not carry on with his children, but he's keeping his hopes up.

"I still have a 14-year-old, you know, [so] I have a chance," he said, but admitted the most important thing he wants his kids to pursue are their passions, whatever they might be.

Our Philosophy

As your Dentist, I can assure you that you, your family and friends, will receive the personal attention that you deserve. Our caring and experienced team will listen to your needs and answer all your questions. Relax in our pleasant, comfortable, modern state of the art treatment rooms while being treated to the most recent and advanced materials and techniques with a "soft gentle touch".

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